Esther (its0nlylove) wrote,

Just to let you know

The Hiatus thingiej.

As some of you guys already know, I have a test week coming up. And I have to study. I hear you say why the heck is she putting a hiatus thingiej online when she's only gone for a week or so?
I'm not just gone for the week, the next six weeks you won't hear much from me! Muhahah. My vacation is coming, and I'll be in France for three weeks. Before that, (the two weeks between my tests and the real vacation) I have a lot of shit to do and to worry about.
So, I'm really sorry there won't be any icons or real posts here till then. I also won't comment on your entries in that period, since I'm not going on the computer in France. I have a vacation then. Let me live in peace!
So, If you have anything that you think I should definatly read, or know, see etc. Please comment on the Hiatus entrie above this one, and I'll be reading it when I do have time. Because I'm not going to go off my friendlist when I have to go 2000 entries back or something. I don't even think that's possible.

So, short version:

- test week (16 - 23 june)
- school recheck stuff (24 - 28)
- stuff for vacation and other things
- my actual vacation (three weeks)
- the come back. (just not expect me to comment the day that I come back please! =))

thank you, and bye!


its0nlylove its0nlylove its0nlylove
its0nlylove its0nlylove its0nlylove
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